Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dropbox and Bitly

I'm sure everyone out there in digi land already knows about these two sites, but I just recently discovered them and they sure have made things easier for me so I thought I would share!

Anyone else out there HATE 4shared?  The wait just seems to get worse and worse, especially during a blog train.  Dropbox is an easy solution!  There is no wait and no extra ads - it's a direct link!  And it's free!  You get 2GB of free space initially and then there are ways to add extra space - take a tour, install the desktop application (which is awesome because it creates a folder just like a windows folder and you just drag things to it and it's automatically uploaded to your dropbox account!).  And then if you refer a friend who signs up both you and your friend get 250MB of space.  So, if you sign up, make sure you use my link so we both get the extra space!

I always hated that I couldn't track downloads for my freebies and now that I'm creating actual kits, I REALLY want to know how many times it's been downloaded.  I see designers using these bitly links all the time, but didn't understand what they were or why you used them.  Now I do!  It makes tracking clicks on a link SUPER easy.  Just go create a free account.  You past your full link into the space on the top of your screen and are automatically given a bitly link.  From your account, you can see how many times that link has been clicked on.  Easy and so informative!!

Those are my tips for the day!  Check back soon because I have another new free kit coming your way!

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