Friday, March 23, 2012

Soccer Excitement!

Both of my boys are soccer focused in the spring and fall - practice twice a week, games at least once a week,  We live it 1/2 of the year.  So this year was super exciting because Madison gets to play soccer too!  Her first Saturday practice was super fun!  I get to be on the field with her and we play lots of games to learn the basics.  More pictures of that to come.  But first, I wanted to do this layout to celebrate her first day of soccer.

I used these great new templates from FranB Designs.

And then when I was browsing through her store at With Love Studio I was SOOO excited to see this set of soccer kits.  I can tell she has some kids that play soccer too!

Each of them come with the black and white kit and then a kit of the specific color.  It's an AWESOME selection!


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